The writer Kim Stanley Robinson has been examining achievable futures for humanity pertaining to 40 years inside a group of novels that stretch via nuclear devastation through climate chaos for you to Mars along with beyond. His newest novel, Aurora, pushes 500 years onwards with a story of a huge starship on the 200-year journey for you to Tau Ceti.

Solomon explains how he and his colleagues Jeff Greenberg and Tom Pyszczynski have been measuring the ways by which your anxiety about death alters our behaviour as well as the means the stories we tell ourselves against that will fear have forged history.

We're heading off to the mysterious within this week's podcast, using a set of writers who investigate what drives our human experiment.

Aurora by simply Kim Stanley Robinson

The Worm at the Core by simply Sheldon Solomon, Jeff Greenberg along with Tom Pyszczynski (Allen Lane)

The psychologist Sheldon Solomon has, by contrast, been expanding the particular realm of science, putting an insight via ancient philosophy - which our means of life tend to be shaped by simply our awareness of our very own mortality - on the audio experimental footing.

Robinson explains why he made a choice to create a generation starship novel as well as why he's happier pushing in the boundaries of fiction as opposed to the actual boundaries regarding science.