Church Steeple Collapses During Upstate Storm - WLOS

posted on 07 Aug 2015 10:06 by willinghobo4499
that's what I would say," Wooten said.

So, Wooten said, the collapse definitely could not have been the job involving God.

The specific reason for your collapse is nonetheless unclear.

"You gotta take what comes," said Wooten.

From inside the particular church, Wooten along together with other parishioners had not a new clue concerning the destruction awaiting these people away from building.

It has been furthermore unclear if that "boom" could are already traced for the steeple.. -- part of your church ended up being severely damaged after a storm ripped by means of the actual Upstate about Wednesday evening.

The steeple together with Lighthouse Christian Fellowship church in Spartanburg County collapsed along with crews were necessary to pull it down in the roof upon Thursday afternoon.

Around the identical time since the collapse, neighbors round the church watched as trees slammed on the ground, destroying property, and also knocking out power regarding a large number of people in the Upstate.

Ultimately, these people put other people in the neighborhood before themselves.

"There ended up being debris up the road. That had been thundering along with lightening as well as raining quite hard," mentioned Wooten.

Once outside the church, even using the mess before them, members in the church became a lot more disturbed by the image of destruction just a few hundred yards away.

"A woman stopped and also came in and told us," Wooten said.

Wooten informed news 13 the actual collapse about Wednesday may have been the actual third time that steeple reduced from your best of that church since becoming built within the 1950s.

Regardless with the forces at the particular office as well as with increased severe weather within the forecast, Wooten informed Information 13 your woman would not be frightened together with god through the woman's side.

"Act with the devil, simply because he's preaching in hell...

INMAN, S.C. a large amount of trees down and also all, so my hubby went up there and also helped them get several good of this [debris] out," Wooten said.

"We were having support and also our preacher had been preaching upon hell plus it began raining, well, thundering as well as lightening as well as raining real difficult and which we heard any big, like a boom," mentioned parishioner Viola Wooten.

"The lights went [in the particular church] along with delivered upon as well as our pastor held in preaching, because we didn't think something ended up being wrong